My name is Philip, and I’m a copywriter from the Swiss Alps. Growing up amidst beauty and precision, I learned to make time for things I like.

During the day, there are two moments where I unstrap my watch:
when I eat, and when I write.
Both shouldn’t be time-critical. People do it fast and end up with a stomachache.

Anyways, here are my four favourite times in a 12-hour-cycle.

First, I eat. I need food that has cooked longer than I’m awake. And before my ramen arrives, I read printed news from the night before.

Then, I think. Occasionally, I check my watch to make sure that the seconds are still moving. Good, we’re making progress.

Then, I write. I want to craft things that give you the shakes, like the really strong espresso I have while at it.

And then, I drink. How hard can it be to mix gin, vermouth and Campari? Very hard. This is why I only let professionals tickle my liver.

Cheers to good times.